The ABC's of GBQ

Success, it just adds up

GBQ Partners is the area’s largest independent accounting and consulting firm and serves clients of many types in many industries, even the most complex organizations. GBQ was founded in central Ohio in 1953 by Morris W. Groner, and has remained independent ever since, allowing for centralized, local decision-making authority. The professionals that constitute GBQ today pride themselves on the firm’s entrepreneurial sprit, which is most evident in the close personal attention provided to clients by the firm’s associates. This firm takes a no-nonsense approach to the delivery of professional services – saving both time and resources for GBQ’s clients.

Our History with GBQ

Fetch has been continuously involved in a variety of GBQ branding projects since it began working with GBQ in 2006 (as Malloy Design). In 2008, GBQ underwent a rebranding initiative, and requested that Fetch continue its involvement with the firm’s branding and marketing by creating communications and materials incorporating the firm’s new look and feel and illustrating the personality of the firm.

As simple as G, B, Q

Fetch is proud of its contribution to GBQ’s successful rebranding efforts. As part of the foundation of change necessary to support a successful brand redesign, Fetch helped develop and execute specific branding strategies that connect GBQ’s long-standing belief in excellence and personal commitment with an increased focus on innovation. GBQ’s new brand promise, “Entrepreneurial Spirit, Independent Expertise,” captured this fusion and provided a springboard for the refreshing and innovative brand vehicles we created, including direct mail campaigns, conference invitations and materials, and stylized portraits for the firm’s website.

Bringing it home

We are obsessed, when creating communicating design for professional services, about communicating institutional and individual personalities, while also conveying an atmosphere of respect and professionalism inherent to the overall success of a firm. Through innovative design solutions and an affinity for reaching a just-right balance between unique and professional, Fetch can accomplish this result, and we feel that our work for GBQ demonstrates that. In the end, it’s is all about market differentiation and separating our clients from the pack.

Rolling out an invigorated brand

GBQ’s updated brand and brand materials capture the energy, spirit and personality of the firm. This has a profound and positive impact on the firm’s clients. Beyond that, the process, as well as that result, has a profound and positive impact on the firm’s employees (and you can see how each impact feeds into the other). By branding and developing creative communication tools built from the inside out (i.e., with a full appreciation of the firm and its authentic voice), Fetch is helping GBQ go beyond superficial visual changes to fundamentally alter how it communicates – both within and outside the firm – who they are, and how they interact with one another, the community and their clients. The result is authenticity. The atmosphere is refreshed. The value is real.


Case Study Note




GBQ portrats

Project: Employee portraits

We love to meet and interact with new people. So when GBQ asked us to help photo art direct the portraits of the firm, we jumped at the chance. Over the years we’ve worked with a few different photographers, all bringing their individual style to the shots. But overall, we’ve always brought out the best in our subjects.


risk Management for GBQ

Project: Photo illustration for the Consulting practice

We were tasked with creating an image that could visually depict GBQ Consulting’s ability to protect their clients interests, even in the riskiest of times. Our solution, show a single peaceful tree protected by a glass globe, surrounded by a turbulent environment.


GBQ Direct Mail

Project: Direct mail for Financial Advisory Services group

One of the three separate insert booklets were created that fit into a previously-created mail housing. The individual inserts provided detailed information about each distinct practice group, while creating a consistent “feel” and message from the firm. The use of the existing housing created savings for the client for delivery of these fresh, newly designed booklets.


GBQ, Perspectives Invitation

Project: Perspectives – Seminar invitation and program

Successful seminars are all about creating interest. So when GBQ approached us asking for help creating buzz for a seminar with their Community Action Practice, we recommended a three fold approach to contacting attendees. First sending a “save the date” card, followed by an event invitation and finally a reminder card. Attendance has been strong over the years and have been held annually.





Case study of Fetch’s work with GBQ.