Malloy Design is now Fetch

Malloy Design is Now Fetch

Fetch Print Shop

For years as part of our business has been designing posters and prints. For paying clients, pro-bono work or just our own fun, but they have always been a part of our [...]

Pinchflat Bicycle Poster Blowout

Fetch is honored to take part in the third annual Pinchflat Bike Poster Party on May 4. Pinchflat features limited-edition posters, inspired by bikes and cycling, designed by central Ohio artists, designers, [...]

Designing a Dog-house of cards

We wanted our cards to give the person receiving it a sense of our work, the things that inspire us and how we think as designers. These cards were the result of [...]

BalletMet and Fetch

At Fetch we have always believed that a truly great city has to be built on a foundation of the arts. So we are proud to announce that we have begun a [...]

Branding with color – Chocolate Packaging

As we discussed in a previous story “What does color say about your brand?” – we feel strongly about crafting a brand around color. Does it go without saying that we always [...]

Kerning, is it an obsession or a curse?

We love type. It has to be perfect. We can spend hours adjusting x-heights, changing ascenders and descenders, modifying serif shapes for just the right relationships. Take a walk in our shoes. [...]