Branding with color – Chocolate Packaging

As we discussed in a previous story “What does color say about your brand?” – we feel strongly about crafting a brand around color. Does it go without saying that we always love the application of color in package design? Well, kind of…

Building a packaging series with color as a differentiating quality – as we did for Century Resource’s brand of chocolates “Century Rich” – can be a wonderful application for helping consumers differentiate among various choices. In this case, it also improved Century’s fulfillment operations, both in terms of efficiency and accuracy, by helping employees differentiate among warehoused chocolate products. We’ve seen many other good examples of color application in packaging. The simple, bold and modern typography of Chocolat Factory’s packaging (designed by ruiz+company of Barcelona, Spain) is a great example of this package design style.

Chocolat Factory Packaging

But, as often happens when an idea takes hold and becomes popular, every application of this strategy is not successful. If applied without a differentiating element (beyond color) that is brand specific, the package can read generic. Color blocking is a great solution for showcasing different chocolate bar flavors, for example, but something more has to be going on to create an “ownable” design, and a strong brand footprint in the cluttered market.

Below are examples of some chocolate brands that are built around the concept of color and typography. We feel that some work well, while others rely too much on the color strategy to carry the load. Would a consumer immediately identify one package as distinct from others? Imagine these competing on a crowded marketplace shelf. Do they stand out? Or blend into one another, or worse, the shelving? Brand allegiance is a lot to ask of a consumer – it’s our job to make their choices easier.

Christopher Elbow:

Christopher Elbow Packaging

100% Chocolate Cafe:

100% Chocolate Cafe Packaging


Kshoclat Packaging

Chocolate by Numbers:

Chocolate by Numbers Packaging


Cocopia Packaging