Going “green,” thanks to the wind

Fetch is Going Green

The machines hosting our web and email servers are eco-friendly, which made us eligible for the Green Certificate included with our IPOWER Green Badge. IPOWER’s offices and data centers are 100% wind energy powered. Selecting IPOWER as our server partner was an easy choice. This choice may amount to less than a proverbial “drop in the bucket” in terms of reducing dependence on unsustainable energy sources. Still, we’re proud to support technological progress in the alternative energy arena.


Wind turbine facts*

While we’ve all heard about the possibility of harnessing the wind to generate electricity, many people question the feasibility of wind energy production. Here are a few wind turbine facts relevant to the debate -


Wind Turbine Farms Generate Enormous Amounts of Electricity

The largest wind turbine farms make use of dozens of very tall (200+ ft.) towers supporting giant blades – each 100 feet or more in diameter. One of these towers can supply enough annual electrical current to power 200 homes.


Farms Are Either Privately or Industrially Owned

Most of the giant-sized turbines are located on land owned by private individuals leased to companies that build and operate wind turbine farms. In some instances, the land is owned outright by a utility company and the power generated is linked to its existing grid.


Power Is Generated Only Where Wind Is Abundant

Wind turbines will only generate power if there is enough sustainable windspeed – the ideal condition being a minimum of about 8 mph for at least 18-20 hours per day. When the wind is not blowing, the turbine cannot produce electricity. The governments of many countries, including the United States, have produced extensive maps showing the average sustained windspeed for various local areas. Unfortunately, most areas do not provide enough wind to sustain an efficient wind turbine farm.


Little Maintenance Required

Wind turbine design allows for smooth motion of the unit, with the gearbox manufactured to operate constantly without wearing out. As a result, wind turbines require little maintenance.


No Pollution Is Produced

The greenest of all green technology, wind turbines produce no pollutants, since wind powers the generator. The only pollutants created are from the machinery used to build the system.


Where Wind Turbine Farms Are Found…

The United States, Germany, Spain and Denmark all have large numbers of wind turbine farms, and these countries are currently adding to the total megawatts of power produced by wind. However, less than 1% of today’s energy is currently being produced from wind.


Roof Mounted Units Are now Available

Some homeowners are installing smaller versions of these wind turbines on their rooftops.


*source: www.environment911.org/127.14_Wind_Turbine_Facts


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