Making the Case

LeBijou Jewelry Case

After weeks of shopping for an existing retail jewelry sales case, our client found nothing that spoke to the brand attributes of Le Bijou. So, after completing Le Bijou’s branding projects, we were asked to help design-build a custom case. Not necessarily what we do, but who are we to say no? – especially to this client.

Because of the past work experience and furniture building hobby interest of our Creative Director, Sean, we took on the project of designing and building the case from the ground up with utter confidence. Little did we know what an adventure this would be…

We started the project by making a list of the functional attributes we needed and details we liked in existing cases. Once the list was complete, Sean put pen to paper and created a unique and (to quote the client) “out of this world” design. Then we discussed the project with our friends and former colleagues in product design – leaning on them for advice about techniques and materials to build the case. After locating the materials for the case – made up of a steel powder-coated frame (provided by Fortin Steel), limestone slabs (Mees Distributors), solid walnut drawer bases (built by Sean with wood grown on family property), aluminum hardware and seamless glass cases (A touch of Glass and Mirror), we engaged the suppliers and worked with them one on one to custom build each component of the case. Then our building/assembly began. The end product was truly stunning.

LeBijou Jewelry Case Details

Once complete, perhaps the greatest (and most unexpected) challenge with this project arose. Getting the case to and in the actual retail location. Let’s just say this case isn’t going to “walk off” since it weighs 400 pounds all assembled. But, we delivered, literally, and all’s well that ends well. What we achieved in the end was a one of a kind solution – designed, built and delivered to a very happy Le Bijou.

We’re not saying this type of work is our core business or, for that matter, work we would pursue today. But, (just like in the case of Le Bijou) we are dedicated to stretching as far as we possibly can to deliver results that surpass a client’s dreams, and we take tremendous pride in that.