Malloy Design is now Fetch

Malloy Design is Now Fetch

We know who we are as a company. Always have, ever since our Creative Director struck out on his own nearly eight years ago. At our core, we have not changed. We have, however, developed new and deepened existing partnerships, perfected our processes and enjoyed many eureka moments with our clients – where great design and business strategy meet. We’ve definitely enjoyed the ongoing journey of Malloy Design. Some years have passed and we no longer think we “need” to leverage the equity in our name. So, we have decided to now re-invent our image to better reflect who we are and where we are going. If a company could have a personality, Fetch would describe ours. Yes, Fetch is a reference to our faithful pets. And yes, we think we share the same basic qualities. We’re smart, agile, dependable. But it goes beyond that – Fetch is all about our single focus on getting the job done, going all out for the goal, putting our clients needs above all else. Just like man’s best friend, we’re your brand’s best friend.