Meet Royal

We love dogs at Fetch. Ask anyone who’s ever seen us scouting a site for a photo-shoot, or stopping in for a meeting or visit. Our family pet and office mascot, Royal, often comes along, making sure we have just the right camera angle, or, more importantly, “working” the passers-by and improving the overall mood.


Royal is our third official office dog, and very good at his job. His predecessors, Sailor and then Hollywood, proudly passed the torch to Royal, who has created his own place in our hearts (and at the firm). Maybe it’s the breed. He’s a Golden Retriever, known for this kind of work; at least that’s what Royal thinks. Goldens were historically developed as field and water dog to retreive at the hunt. They possess a friendly, eager-to-please demeanor, and the intelligence and versatility suited to a variety of jobs that go well beyond retriever – such as assistance / guide dog, search and rescue participant, design firm greeter. Because of their loyal and gentle temperament, Goldens are, of course, one of the most popular breeds for family pets. We think there is no breed better for the role of “office mascot.”

Royal spends most days greeting visitors (including delivery people bearing treats) between long naps. We think if he could talk he might tell us his most important job is Welcome Director (and keeping people’s feet warm in the winter). Very important roles for sure.


Some interesting facts about Royal…

  • Not a strong swimmer. Ok, he’s the only Golden on Earth that cannot swim at all, but he makes up for that tenfold with all his other great qualities.
  • Has difficulty hiding his emotions. Actually, although the whimpering upon meeting a human might be mistaken for sadness (or injury), it’s really the sound of Royal trying – unsuccessfully – to contain his joy.
  • Loves to lay in the sun… mud, snow, shade, or really anywhere. So long as we’re nearby.
  • Recovering from a torn ACL. He is almost as fast and agile as a Greyhound, but at 80 lbs., Royal doesn’t have the body type for high jumps (anything to catch a ball, right, Royal?)
  • First of his brothers to be professionally groomed, and is always proud to show off his new haircut.
  • Never met a person he didn’t like. Ok, never met a person he didn’t love…