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Cannuka is a skincare product line utilizing CBD (Cannabis) and Manuka honey. Cannuka combines pure and natural elements in a way that reflects the changing needs and interests of their consumers.


Brand Identity, Naming, Collateral, Packaging and Web


Health and Beauty

Cannuka Logo.jpg

Building a Brand from Square One

Fetch was lucky enough to be involved with Cannuka from the very beginning. The opportunity to work in the emerging market of Cannabis and legalized CBD was exciting, and challenging. One early hurdle we faced was to separate our brand from the multitude of  "marijuana" inspired brands coming to market. This was something we always stressed - first and foremost, we are a "CBD product, not a marijuana product". As important as that core brand value is, we also knew the importance of Cannuka using Manuka Honey as a differentiating ingredient. We leaned heavily on the "bee and honeycomb" for icons and as a visual brand elements. We feel we our attention to public awareness and an individual's comfort with CBD is what separated Cannuka's brand and product line from the competition. By educating the public and being sympathetic to a customer's hesitations, we avoided the trend taken by so many of our competitors to simply add CBD to a product and hope that would differentiate it in the market.

Floating Cannuka Bottle.jpg

Incorporating Brand Through Innovative 
Packaging Solutions

Packaging for many brands is its most important asset. With Cannuka we wanted to set the right tone – Cannuka is a luxury product, made with quality ingredients, and then carefully crafted with attention to detail and our customers' high values in mind.


Communicating our core brand value was of paramount importance, placing our brand in the market where we wanted it to be. We feel that Cannuka not only accomplished this with our beautiful award-winning designs, but these choices were a significant and deliberate choice differentiating us from our competition and attracting loyal customers in an already crowded retail environment.


Building a Brand – Start-Up to Success

Starting in 2013 – as just an "idea to bring cannabis to the masses," Cannuka partnered with Fetch to act as it's a creative partner. 

We jumped at the opportunity to work with a start-up. The success of Cannuka has been a testament to understanding the marketplace and leveraging a brand's image to maximize its business's potential.  

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