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Liège Belgian Waffles

Authentic Liège Waffles (Gaufre liegeoise) are made from yeast-leavened dough, almost like a brioche dough. During the dough’s final rise, polished grains of sugar (Sanding Sugar) are worked into it. As the formed waffles cook on the griddle, the sugar melts and caramelizes to the outside of the waffle. Liège Belgian Waffles can be eaten as a meal or eaten "on the go," hot or cold, wrapped in a piece of paper.


Brand Identity, Collateral & Packaging


Restaurant & Food

Liege Waffles.jpg

Brand Identity and Packaging

The owners of Liège were truly starting from square one. As a business in its infancy, the need to establish a visual identity was the first task. For Fetch, learning about their ideas to start the business and about the product being an authentic Belgian family recipe – passed down from the owner's grandmother was critical to our process. Beyond the actual waffles, we talked at length about the rich history of Belgium, and specifically the Lion's Mound war memorial. From those conversations and our outside research we took inspiration for the logo and wordmark. 

Once the brand mark was completed, packaging was our next step. For a food item mainly sold at farmer's markets and specialty grocery stores, we wanted an affordable, yet elegant solution that protects and preserves the product. Additional assets were developed for specialty sales, earned media and to further brand awareness, such as custom cups and bags that customers carry at the markets showcasing the brand and sparking conversations.

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