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GBQ is a central Ohio-based tax, accounting, & consulting firm with over 65 years of success, helping enable the growth and success of businesses.


Brand, Video, Photography Direction & Collateral


Profesional Services

Holiday Greetings

GBQ partnered with Fetch to transition their yearly Holiday greeting from a traditionally printed "greeting card" into a dynamic and interactive video that could be easily shared. 

We always felt a lighthearted and humorist approach for this type of marketing asset worked best to humanize a business traditionally thought to be, at its surface very business-like and very serious.

A Holiday Survey, Turned into a Playful Infographic

We felt encouraging the entire GBQ staff's participation in the creative process was critical. Working with the internal marketing team to create a "survey" of holiday-themed questions, we could in turn translate those questions into a series of animated information graphics and charts that would bring the creative and analytical talents together. Some surprising results came from our research, but in the end, it was fun for all the participants and gave an ownership and greater energy to the project.

A Whimsical Approach to Accounting

Building on the success of our first Holiday video, we continued to take a playful approach with the GBQ Holiday greeting. This particular year we chose a more nostalgic direction in the form of a rhyming poem that was animated in the form of a children's pop-up storybook. The poem was able to incorporate all the business units of GBQ in a playful and creative way. Our animation partners and voiceover talent perfectly captured the tone and mood we wanted.

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