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CannaTape Sport

CTS Brands LLC developed CannaTape Sport by combining CBD and Kinesiology tape. CannaTape Sport mimics the skin gently lifting it from soft tissue to relieve swelling and increase blood flow - while transdermally introducing inflammation reduction with their CBD formula, speeding recovery, providing support and minimizing pain. 


Brand Identity, Naming, Collateral, Packaging and Web


Health and Sporting Goods

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An Innovative Brand From The Ground Up

Fetch has had its hand in building many CBD company brands. The opportunity to help guide CannaTape Sport and work in the emerging market of CBD for athletes presented many exciting opportunities. Leveraging the powerful ingredient for fighting inflammation along with the other critical ingredients of White Willow Bark, Menthol and MSM was a game changer in the market. One key step to building brand trust is how the product appeals to all the senses. You can see it, feel it and smell the product. So once the product is on the athlete and in the field, there is no doubting it's effectiveness. 

Website Design

Creating a fully functional, custom, e-commerce website using the Shopify platform has been critical to this CannaTape Sport's success. Acting as the main touchpoint for all customer interaction, it must educate customers, drive sales and manage sales. We spent a significant amount of time and energy to not only make the front end exciting and attractive, but we spent an equal amount of time developing the SEO and back end to aid in the day-to-day business operations.

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